A journey through three-dimensional horizons, simplicity and elegance, soft rigor, sophisticated awareness and metropolitan textures.


Inspired by a vase, in a modern key, with the finely folded leather, in the care of the concealed stitching, in order to bring out the chromatic tones. Very strong model, from the direction of the folded, alternated leather. Available in two sizes, small and large, but always with a long leather handle, to be carried over the shoulder.


Leather satchel, extremely soft on both the exterior and the upper part, hard handle. Shoulder strap included. Very particular for the two-tone, a creative contrast.


Three matching shades highlight the particularity of the model, alternating a stiffer leather patch on a softer one. Visible stitching are complement its beauty.


One of a kind for the material selection and the shape: Porsche capote with crocodile handles, in three different shades, highly contrasting. Two sizes, small and bigger. Possibility to choose it also with regular skin handles.


It recalls the shape of Dafne, it comes in two sizes, alternating crocodile or leather handles on a canvas base. The material selection according to a summer collection.


Very innovative model as it can be worn over the shoulder, flag-like and by hand, due to its versatility given by the adjustment of the handle, which can be knotted according to the choice. Made with a single piece, finished and closed at the side, always in raw cut calf leather. Inside there is a small removable clutch bag, closed with a zip.


Very soft, raw cut, reinforced at the base, so as not to alter the shape even with a large storage inside.

Closed by two leather strings, but with the possibility of using the cotton bag to store it, even inside the bag for an anti-snatch effect. Equipped inside with a small pocket always in raw cut leather.


Similar finish as the previous model but in a larger size, suitable for a slim and slender woman.

For both models, the mono-color reinforces the identity of the creation.


A linear shopper with long handle, medium size, lined inside, with zip pocket. In folded leather, pleated effect, like the previous model. The mono color characterizes the various possibilities of choice, in order to underline the evenness of the study in the development of this model.


Leather wallet worked as the previous model, very lively. Closed by a zip, with folding opening, internal pockets for cards and coins.


Smooth leather wallet, with zip, folding opening, and compartments for cards and coins.


Linear keychain, in folded leather, which completes the essentiality of the models of the bags in the collection.

The Nume collection tells about the female universe, an accurate research that realizes features defining characters.